Words by: Sarah Allen

Cover photo by: Alex Perez

Once you step into the portal, you never want to leave, but all good things must come to an end and Okeechobee Music Festival has come to a close. Festival-goers were treated to fantastic weather and a number of activities and art installations to accompany the musical performances. You could spend a whole day wandering through Chobeewobee Village, doing some yoga, getting a massage, shopping from the various vendors, and enjoying all the food. The Bamboo Tea House was a nice place to relax and learn about the bamboo plant or how to make medicinal teas and herbal salts, as well as other activities. The Grand Artique Bazaar offered a break from the sun where you could enjoy intimate sets beneath the palm trees.

Each musical stage had their own special vibes filled with people enjoying the sunshine and dancing together.


Photo by: Lauren Decanio

A popular daytime spot where you could enjoy sets on the beach or even in the water.

Favorite sets: An Evening with No Name Honoring Charlesthefirst, Of the Trees, Integrate, Honeyluv

Jungle 51

Photo by: Brian Hensley

This felt like stepping into a different universe beneath the trees with glowing lights and music going on til sunrise.

Favorite sets: Heidi Lawden, INVT, Volvox,


Photo by: Kacey Fillmore

As the name implies, this was a unique stage that did not hold back on the pyrotechnics or deep bass.

Favorite sets: Khiva, Potions, Abelation, Kumarion


Photo by: Tony Nungaray

The perfect place to lose yourself in the music beneath a colorful tent that danced in the wind and had massive LEDs to display visuals.

Favorite sets: Elderbrook, Lab Group, Deathpact, CloZee

The Grove

Photo by: Alex Perez

The BE and NOW stages were more of the typical stages you would expect with lots of space to chill during the day then go crazy once the sun went down. The production was insane with a plethora of lasers and some of the loudest speakers.

Favorite sets: Mindchatter, Goth Babe, Cannons, Two Feet, Rezz, Griz, Mt. Joy

Photo by: Ivan Meneses

Overall, Okeechobee did not disappoint and 2023 cannot come soon enough. 30,000 Okeechobeings attended and the community created and memories made were unmatched. Like 2021, Insomniac did a stellar job putting on an event that highlighted love, friendship, and community. Okeechobee continues to be an extremely coveted event in the festival and music community.

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