By: Shayla Lee

Australian-bred producer and DJ Alison Wonderland graced Austin with her presence for three shows in one week; two of the sets being festival performances at Austin City Limits Festival and one being an ACL Late Night After Show.

For her two festival shows, the musician was accompanied by two drummers and her set featured more singing, something that has been recently integrated into her live shows. After her second show at ACL, she played to a sold-out crowd at Emo’s in Austin.

Her set at Emo’s differed from her festival sets; there was no LED screen, no drummers, and no singing but Alison doesn’t need any of that in her sets to impress a crowd. What always remains the same is Alison’s innate ability to read a crowd, her stunning mixing ability, and her excited fanbase. She played musical genres that we often don’t get to hear her play during her regular festival sets ranging from drum and bass to techno. It was an amazing escape being at a sweaty club and seeing an artist having the time of her life.

Alison has select festival dates coming up in the winter season including at EDC, Holy Ship, and Audiotistic. You can stay up-to-date with the artist on Instagram and Twitter and listen to her latest music on Spotify. Photos from her performance and Emo’s can be seen below.

Posted by:Femme Riot

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