By: Shayla Lee

Cream With A K is the musical project created by Lee Tatlock, a musician, former model, and visual artist who splits her time between the UK and Japan. With previous releases including the intimate “5:35” to “Stuck in the House” which addresses the musician’s experience with agoraphobia, Cream with a K produces music that is not only uniquely beautiful, but music that brings light to issues faced by many.

Cream with a K has released another single, titled “Saving Face,” which was actually the first song she wrote when she first began this musical project.

“Saving Face” was the first song I ever wrote as Cream with a K. Even in its demo stage, I was pleased about the way it straddled a lot of genres at the same time and still sounded like “something”.

The song stays true to the artist’s grunge pop DIY sounds, allowing her ethereal vocals to shine through. Cream with a K explains that the song was made on the go and that she finalized the track with producer Alex O’Donovan.

Alex and I agreed it needed an organic element to it and decided to put some full sounding live drums on it (courtesy of John Stewart). I really feel it was his drums made the song into a single.

With a grungy driving beat, sticky synths, and Cream with a K’s angelic vocals, “Saving Face” is the perfect addition to your winter playlist and cements the artist as a musician you should be paying attention to. You can stay up-to-date with the artist on Instagram and Facebook. Watch the newly released music video and listen to “Saving Face” below!

The cover photo was shot by Shota Ashino.
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