By: Shayla Lee

UK-bred musicians Rhys Lewis is an indie rock musician who blends elements of soul, folk, and rock together to create something equally as fresh sounding as it is touching. Rhys has an innate sense of lyricism, allowing the listener to immediately connect and feel what the musician is sharing through his art. With over 100 million streams on Spotify alone, many will recognize the artist’s voice if they hear it. Rhys Lewis is currently on tour across the US with pop musician Julia Michaels and I had the chance to catch his set at Emo’s in Austin.

Rhys Lewis’ performance was both cozy and electrifying; he even brought a cup of tea on stage which sat beneath his feet when he wasn’t sipping on it throughout the set in between songs. Although some opening acts can struggle to connect with the audience, Rhys had no trouble with this. He thanked the crowd for coming early to see him and said the last time he was in Austin not many people showed up. Rhys’ voice sounds even more soulful live than in recordings and the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. If people in the crowd were not fans of Rhys before seeing him, most left the venue eager to learn more about the artist.

The artist will continue to support Julia Michaels across the US for the first half of November before going back to his home and touring Europe. Information about tickets can be found here. A photo gallery of his performance can be found below.

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