By: Shayla Lee

ACL is known for having a strong undercard on their lineup and 2019 was no different. Among the talented rising stars who played ACL this year was Armani White; a West Philly born artist who creates soulful music that fuses together hip hop and R&B elements. The artist played Saturday of ACL Weekend Two and was the first artist to hit the T-Mobile Stage that day.

Armani White has released a variety of singles this year, his latest ,”Jasmine,” was released last month and is a collaboration with Carneyval and Jackson Breit. Other releases this year include “flip,” “hiding out west,” and his deep cut “stick up.” From saxophones and horns to synths and tropical vibes, expect the unexpected is a good mindset to have when diving into Armani’s diverse music. One thing that is kept constant throughout his musical library is his passion which can be felt in every track he creates.

After his passionate ACL performance, we are eagerly awaiting Armani’s debut project and hope we will be playing more shows and festivals next year. You can stay up-to-date with the artist on Instagram and Twitter. We had a chance to catch up with Armani after his set for a few photos.

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