By: Shayla Lee

Diverse and experimental with no regard for genre are a few words one could use to describe FUKC’s music. Earlier this summer, FUKC (pronounced “ef/u/kay/si”) released their EP, further proving the duo’s ability to push boundaries and provide unique music to listeners. From the driving bass of “I Wanna Be A Nobody” to the melodic “Not My History”, the EP features an eclectic variety of tracks which will keep fans on their toes. 

After listening to the EP, many may be left wondering about the artists who inspired FUKC’s expansive sound. Lemeul and John shared their favorite tracks that inspire them musically with Femme Riot and just like their music, their picks are nothing short of diverse.

Lemuel’s Top Picks 

“Praise You” – Fatboy Slim

“I found this record when I was 12. For years I thought Fatboy Slim was the guy on the artwork. i was quite disappointed when I found out the truth.”

“Heartbreaker” – Metronomy

“Everything is unique about this song. At the time it was released, not a lot of things sounded like that and I remember being like “wait what?””

“Bad News” – Kanye West

“I had to pick one from this album but I love everything in it. Perfect album to listen on a train journey.”

“Merrymaking at My Place” – Calvin Harris

“The power of a good bassline.” 

“Je l’aime a mourir” – Francis Cabrel

“I love two people in my life, Zinedine Zidane and Francis Cabrel. Three sorry, I also love John…sometimes.”

John’s Top Picks

“Let’s Push Things Forward” – The Streets

“I remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid and it blew my mind the fact he was rapping in a Birmingham accent. The streets became one of the most important artists for me then; just because I could identify with that music way more than a lot of the similar stuff going on in America.”

“Back to the Point” – Sports Team

“It sounds like a lot of old britpop but with brilliant lyrics and the best frontman since Jarvis Cocker. I think these guys are gonna blow up…”

“The Strangle of Anna” – The Moonlandingz

“Every time I hear it it sounds like a classic already; but it was written a couple of years ago by a few weirdos from south London. Sounds pretty epic to me.”

“Are You With Me Now?” – Cate le Bon

“Just the perfect pop song; music to have a summer bbq to. With that chorus it would be an anthem if more people knew it.”

“Mountain Energy” – The Fall

“So sinister, so effortless. I don’t really know why I like The Fall, they’re such an enigma. But this song encapsulated everything I do like about them; that bass sound, that lazy vocal… “always different, always the same…””

Lemeul and John’s favorite tracks are compiled on the playlist below as well as their EP “Je Suis Me.” You can stay up-to-date with FUKC on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The cover photo was shot by Josh Healey.


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