By: Shayla Lee

From receiving over 500 million Spotify streams and playing coveted festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury to performing on late night talk shows and receiving various awards, few indie electronic artists have made their mark on the industry in the same way as Nick Murphy. To many people Nick Murphy is still known as Chet Faker, but to listeners who are have followed the artist’s journey over the last few years know that although Chet Faker is still a part of the artist, releasing music under his own name has been a step that has made Nick’s music feel even more raw and personal than ever before.

In May, ‘Run Fast Sleep Naked’ was released under Nick Murphy’s name instead of Chet Faker. Slightly more indie alternative than Nick’s previous music, the album features a wide variety of instruments including strings, the saxophone, and keyboards and was met by rave reviews from critics. The artist also embarked on a North American tour in support of the album. Nick Murphy made a stop in Edmonton to perform at Union Hall.

Beginning with the opening track from his new album, ‘Hear It Now,’ Nick Murphy entered the stage to a venue of excited vans. Top moments of the set included fan favorites ‘Gold’ and ‘Talk Is Cheap’ and the talent he displayed as he switched off between instruments like the keyboard, piano, and guitar. Before playing ‘Believe (Me),’ the artist explained that the song was based on the topic of technology and kindly requested that fans put their phones away to enjoy the moment together. He finished the night off on a high note by playing ‘Medication.’

Nick Murphy’s tour was intimate, beautiful, and showed the insane level of natural talent the artist has. Nick and his band are continuing their tour across North America. Tickets can be found here. A photo gallery of the night is included below.



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