By: Shayla Lee

FUKC (pronounced ef-u-kay-si) is a duo made up of Lemu (from Paris) and John (from London) that creates alternative electronica music. After sending ideas back and forth across time zones, Lemu and John instantly connected which resulted in the creation of FUKC. Their genre-bending sound could be described as a melting pot of their diverse influences.

The duo’s single “I Wanna Be A Nobody” is their first release under their new label, +1 Records. Full of guitar plucks, a killer beat, and a groovy rhythm, the track is a perfect summer tune. If you’re a fan of MGMT, Foster the People, or NoMBe, “I Wanna Be Nobody” will be right up your alley.

The lyrics in the song juxtapose something that many individuals in our society experience; wanting to stand out and be your own person while also longing for the comfort of staying with “the crowd.” When asked about the track, FUKC explained this common scenario.

Everyone’s so connected to everyone and everything that’s going on right now – we want to know it all, form an opinion and tell the world. It seems like kind of a contradiction; we wanna be part of the herd but want our voice to stand apart and be the loudest of them all. It’s just humans though, we’re weird like that.”

You can follow FUKC on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Listen to “I Wanna Be Nobody” below!

The cover photo was shot by Martin Ruffin. 
Posted by:Femme Riot

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