By: Shayla Lee

ACL Live at the Moody Theatre has played host to some of the world’s largest artists and on May 24th blackbear headlined the acclaimed venue. The rapper has built a large following and is known for his collaborations with artists like Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber as well as his tracks ‘do re mi’ and ‘idfc’ which have amassed over 500 million streams combined. Earlier this year, blackbear released his album ‘ANONYMOUS’ which features popular tracks ‘PINK ROLEX,’ ‘HATE MY GUTS,’ and ‘ONE SIDED LOVE.’ Blackbear brought his Dead 2 The World tour to Austin and fans were excited to see blackbear bring his vision to life.

Kicking off the evening was GASHI, a rapper from Brooklyn, who got the crowd excited for the fun night ahead. He had a short 25 minute set but brought a high amount of energy to the room as he ran across the stage, threw water on fans, and passed out stickers to people in the front row.

LA-based artist Elohim soon took the stage, bringing her new EP Braindead to life. The artist has built a tight-knit community due to her openness and honesty about mental health. Highlights of Elohim’s set included her opening track ‘Running,’ the Louis the Child’s remix of her track ‘The Wave,’ and her EP title track ‘Braindead.’

Blackbear followed Elohim and had an elaborate stage set up which included a piano nestled in a red coffin and large boxes with LED strips surrounding them. The artist emerged to a huge amount of noise from the crowd, and kicked off his set with ‘HEARTBROKEN.’ Top moments from blackbear’s set included ‘chateau’ and ‘idfc.’ Blackbear finished the night off with his hit ‘do re mi.’ Blackbear’s set was filled with colorful lights, high energy, and a special crowd to artist connection.

Blackbear continues his Dead 2 The World tour across North America. Tickets can be found here. You can stay up-to-date with blackbear on Instagram. A photo gallery of the night can be found below.

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