By: Andrea Czarnota

Laura Jean Anderson opened for The Dip during six of their shows across the West Coast and stopped in Los Angeles for a sold-out Moroccan Lounge show on Thursday, April 4th.

As an American folk artist with a powerful, soulful voice, Anderson left the entire audience in awe. There was not a single person in the audience that talked during her set, just quiet, mesmerized faces. Anderson was solo for all of her shows on tour, but brought out a full band for her audience in LA where she now resides. Their energy on stage was so radiant that the bassist’s dancing detached his strap, but he kept on grooving. She played songs from her Lonesome No More EP released in October, including “On My Mind” which was just released on Friday.

The Dip headlined the show with their top hits, including “Spiderweb” and “Ain’t Necessary.” They took time to include various riffs in their set to showcase each member in the band, which the crowd couldn’t get enough of. The Dip released their album The Dip Delivers in February and are on tour until May 5th.

To stay up-to-date with Laura Jean Anderson’s music and hopefully some more tour dates, you can follow her on Instagram. You can follow The Dip on tour here, or follow them on Instagram.

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