By: Angela Smith

On Wednesday March 20, 2019 Donna Missal’s This Time tour hit the Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado.

The support, Samia, captured the crowd immediately with her incredible voice and very simple set. Even though her entire set up was her voice, two guitars, and dancing most of the crowd was on board immediately and were cheering the entire set. Near the end of her set, Samia gave the crowd the choice of whether they wanted to hear her sing a ballad about her grandmother or a cover of a Phoebe Bridgers song. The crowd picked the cover and the set ended on a high note.

When Donna Missal took the stage every single person in the room was excited and ready to go. Before the first full song of the set “Jupiter” was over, the entire crowd was dancing. About halfway through the set was a crowd favorite entitled “Girl” which heavily plays into positivity and supporting other women. Merch for this song include the quote “When women hate on other women everybody loses” which was used to help introduce the song. Luckily for everyone there, positivity radiated the entire show. The set ended with another popular track “Keep Lyin” which despite being at the end, had just as much energy if not more than the songs at the beginning. Missal came back on stage for an unplanned encore featuring covers such as Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” making the encore a huge sing along. Overall the This Time tour was a great dance party that spread positive vibes to everyone in attendance.

Donna Missal will be playing Bonnaroo later this summer! You can stay up-to-date with the artist on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out the photo gallery from the night below!

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