By: Shayla Lee

Grunge pop visionary Cream with a K is the queen of creating tracks with a wide variety of unique sounds. Every time I listen to her music I’m constantly asking myself “What sound is that? I’m digging it.” The Tokyo and UK-based visionary has done it again with her latest track ‘Stuck in the House.’

In ‘Stuck in the House,’ Cream with a K brings her experiences with agoraphobia and mental illness to light. The musician explained that she struggled with agoraphobia a few years ago while living in Tokyo.

“The thought of leaving the house would give me anxiety to the point that it would physically make me sick to my stomach. If I could, I would try to avoid leaving the house altogether.”

Cream with a K also explains that although mental illness is something that many of us experience, it’s something we are able to overcome with dedication.

“I think everyone has a brush with mental illness at some point… but you’ve got to know, the only cure is mindful and decided change. It’s hard and very scary but definitely worth it. In a way, I feel this song is a funny little caricature and reminder of a quite morbid and real issue in modern society.”

The beginning of ‘Stuck in the House’ is reminiscent of a jewelry box being wound up; starting off slowly only to be released with a slew of racing thoughts that often come with anxiety. As the track slowly unwinds, you get a look into Cream with a K’s life through her lyrics and grungy production.

You can stay up to date with Cream with a K on Instagram and Facebook. We also interviewed her a few months ago which can be found here. Listen to ‘Stuck in the House’ below!

The cover photo was shot by Lawrence Randall.
Posted by:Femme Riot

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