LA-based electronic duo Phantoms packed the indoor Igloo Stage at SnowGlobe Festival on a very cold New Year’s Eve. The duo, comprised of Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola, are known for their energy in their live sets, collaborations with musicians like Vanessa Hudgens and VÈRITÈ, and their funky style of music. I had the chance to chat with them about their touring experiences in 2018 and some of their incredible upcoming plans for 2019.

Femme Riot: Is this the coldest festival you’ve ever played?

Kyle Kaplan: Yes, by far

Vinnie Pergola: 100% the coldest festival

What is the warmest festival you’ve ever played?

VP: The hottest one, was Electric Forest I believe. When we played in the summer.  OR ACTUALLY NO! Atlanta, was hotter

KK: Atlanta, Atlanta!

Which was that?

KK: We were at Shaky Beats

VP: The sun was directly on us, it was about 2pm, in the summer. Our computer ate shit, in the sense it overheated. Luckily at the end of our set. That was nice.

KK: Tonight was cool because the computer fell off of the entire thing and disconnected from everything

That’s better than the computer not working.

KK: Yeah the computer worked, it just fully left the stage. It was like, I’m out, fuck these guys.

Is it ok?

VP: Yeah it’s actually fine, I think

KK: We’ll see, luckily we have a bit of time before our next festival

Did you guys go skiing today?

KK: No, we’re going to do it tomorrow…we’re going to be too hungover, the next day

Do you guys know where you’re gonna go?

VP: We’re gonna go up here, to Heavenly. I haven’t skied in about 14 years, and [Kyle’s] never skied so I’m excited to see how this goes.

KK: I’m ready to break something.

So how do you guys prepare for DJ sets vs. live sets?

KK: DJ sets for us are more half our music, half shit that we listen to, and like a lot.

VP: It’s like making it a party.

KK: Yeah, we make it a party, we get so drunk, I mean we’re always drunk, but we make it a party in there. For the live show, it’s more about our own music, that being said when our computer is on the stage.

Festivals versus headlining shows, what do you guys enjoy more? Do you guys prepare differently?

KK: I love festivals, with festivals comes what we just talked about. It’s very quick, you get there day of, like today there was no soundcheck so you’re just kind of running and gunning, which is where these issues come. Headline shows are great because you have a crew that’s with you that knows what’s happening.

VP: You have a little more time to figure things out

KK: Yeah you have way more time, so if there’s issues happening beforehand you have a lot of time. Also, everybody there is for you, but what’s cool about festivals is that there’s a bunch of random kids, some know us some don’t and if we do a good job, they’ll stick around and dance.

VP: Yeah, that’s nice make a lot of new fans at festivals

KK: We have some tweets already that are like, “already in love” it’s great

What’s been your favourite show or city to play this past year?

KK: Electric Forest, 100% that was for me at least. It was an amazing festival. It was beautiful, it was an amazing time.

VP: It was amazing

So did you hang out for the entire festival?

KK: For what we could, we had a show in the middle of all of it, kind of but yeah we got there early for the second week, we went all over Michigan. It was awesome.

Are you guys excited for Sundara? That just looks like a party.

KK: Oh yeah, it’s gonna be great. I can’t wait. It’s gonna be like vacation for us.

VP: I’m excited to go down there for that reason. It’s like all of our friends, we’re all going to be in Mexico.

KK: Be pasty, overweight it’ll be awesome. Can’t wait. I’ll be red, just look like a goddamn lobster.

You guys teased “Lay With Me feat. Vanessa Hudgens” way before it came out, how did that song come about?

KK: So we talked about doing something with Vanessa, we had this track that was poppier than most of our shit, and we were like fuck it we’ll put Vanessa on it. We ran into her in an airport and were like “oh we might have something for you” and she loved it. We got in the studio together and it happened. Then with what happens with major label stuff, it keeps getting pushed back, music videos all that. We’re sitting on so much music that we’re waiting to release, but it just takes a second.

That was kind of the next question, what’s happening next year?

KK: We have an EP coming out early next year, and then something happening in the end of the year.

VP: The EP right now, the first one is basically done. We’re just very excited about it.

KK: We played one track from it tonight, we were gonna do more but with the computer I didn’t want to chance playing something so new right now.

After your set someone was talking about how you guys left 10 minutes early..

KK: Yeah, it was just technical, not even the computer but everything was falling apart up there. But I feel like people enjoyed it, hopefully. You can email (Note: I do not believe this is a real email)

You can stay up-to-date with all things Phantoms by following their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out photos from their set and listen to their music below!

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