By: Cody (dryKIMCHI)

We all woke up to a quiet morning. No sounds, no sun, and still sore from the night before. We knew it was going to be a rainy day. Monday’s lineup was the most important because we would be ringing in the New Year. Here are a few highlights from Day 2 of Decadence Arizona. 


4b 4

One of my all time go-to artists if I am going to throw down is 4B. Since he is from New Jersey, I knew there was going to be a lot of club music and I expected the crowd to be energized. 4B is a little different from most DJ’s. Drinking Hennessy while mixing the majority of the set, he brought filthy trap and hardcore to the stage. Creating mosh pits left and right it was a “danger zone” in the most amped up way possible. The one track that got every person going was without a doubt “Whistle” which was released earlier this year. The track has also been remixed and used by several other artists. 

Alison Wonderland

alison wonderland

Following the Jersey King was another “EDM Mom” coming from Australia; Alison Wonderland came to the stage with high energy as she watched and listened to the crowd as they scream and shout her name. During her set, a few people requested for her to play a song called “Run” so she gave a quick shoutout and started the track but towards the end of her set Alison released a track that she collaborated with Dillon Francis on. Although they haven’t released the name of it yet, she hyped up the crowd right before her signature low growl drop hit the speakers. The crowd erupted with screams as she expected. Alison’s set was most anticipated and best sets of the weekend in my opinion.



Following Alison Wonderland was an artist who is known for melodic happy songs to place everyone in a good mood and keep them there. Marshmello took the stage that night with high expectations to boost everyone’s mood if they were feeling sad. I watched those who were sitting down crying boost themselves back up with the help of their close friends around them and dance once again to Marshmello’s set. One thing that I noticed during his set was the light up balls that hung from the ceiling changed different vibrant colors that several of the artists did not fully utilize. The main songs I got the chance to hear from Marshmello were “Happier,” “Home,” and “Show You.” Marshmello can change any room from sad to happy in an instant so he did not disappoint us one bit.



The next artist coming on stage at the diamond stage was an AZ native. David Crow, ‘Ghastly,’ started his set with an energy that can’t be replicated. The crowd screamed with excitement the second he was on because the majority of the crowd are also from Arizona so the set hit home for most. His iconic two-tone glasses separate him from the majority of the other artists. Dropping songs like “LSD” and “Heretic,” we were faced with a wild set. My favorite moments of his set were when he thanked his Dad by letting everyone know that he used to “live in his balls” and his final announcement that everyone was excited for was that he was going to be moving back to Arizona.

DJ Diesel


The artist that many chose for the final countdown was basketball player Shaquille O’Neal or stage name “DJ Diesel” who towers over the mixers making everything around him look small. During Diesel’s set, we heard lots of dubstep with drops so filthy fans were constantly left with a bass face. One thing that I personally wasn’t pleased with about the set was his “hype man.” His hype man was constantly on the mic interrupting the drops being made. As the clock got closer and closer to midnight, Diesel was presented with an amazing back to back with ‘NGHTMRE’ whose high bpm music stirred the crowd to a point of no return. Then the countdown happened going from 10 and the track chosen was from Excision’s “Rumble” which turned everyone into a feeding frenzy of mosh pits and rail biters. Once the clock hit zero all the balloons dropped, confetti was released, and happiness filled the crowd. Diesel then proceeded to walk down the center greeting everyone and taking pictures with them.

Relentless put on an amazing show. There were few hiccups but everyone was safe and the staff hired took care of everyone and everything. This was a moment that was put into books I hope you all had an amazing experience and new year surrounded by the ones who you love.

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