By: Shayla Lee

‘Crush’ was the first song that got me hooked on foxgluvv’s self-proclaimed “hungover pop” vibe and this month she released a fun new take on the song; a remix by MOONOVERSUN. Flipping ‘Crush’ on its head by injecting an extra dose of energy, increasing the bpm, and adding several sparkly drops, MOONOVERSUN’s dance-worthy take on the track deserves to be mixed by DJs.

When asked about MOONOVERSUN’s remix of ‘Crush,’ foxgluvv explained the duo’s take on the track has left her with a new passion.

“MOONOVERSUN’s take on my debut single has left me with a new passion for the original in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Their rework of ‘Crush’ has highlighted the emotional intent in the lyrics further and slapped it underneath a heavy electronic base. I am obsessed with this remix!”

MOONOVERSUN is an electronic duo who create empowering contemporary pop music. After hearing the energy they injected into ‘Crush,’ I’m eager to see what else Sofia and Isaac have in store for us. You can follow the duo on Instagram and Facebook.

Foxgluvv (aka Imogen Davies) is a London-based musician who blends 80s nostalgia with fresh aesthetics and lyrics. She currently has over 350,000 streams and Spotify and has been gaining a ton of attention in the blog community for her punchy DIY sound.

In addition to the release of this remix, foxgluvv has also announced a London show on Friday, January 11th at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. Tickets can be found here. You can stay up-to-date with all things foxgluvv by following her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Listen to the killer remix below!

The cover photo was shot by Michael Harte.
Posted by:Femme Riot

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