By: Shayla Lee

When you think of successful Canadian bands, the Montreal-based band Stars is a group that most likely comes to mind. Collaborating together for nearly twenty years, the band is known for their stunning live performances, the connection they have with their fans, and songs such as ‘Dead Hearts’ and ‘Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.’ Stars kicked off their North American tour with a stop in Edmonton with a beautiful show at Horowitz Theatre.

Opening up for the legendary band was the rising four-member group Dizzy. The band consists of three brothers – Charlie, Alex, and Mackenzie Spencer, and their friend Katie Munshaw. The band’s beautiful indie pop made me feel nostalgic and I look forward to seeing what else the young group has in store for us.

After an impressive performance by Dizzy, the excitement set in before Stars. Starting with the faster paced track Fluorescent Light, the band set the mood for the rest of the night with beautiful connection with each other and the audience. Although the toss up between sitting and standing can be awkward in a venue with seats, lead vocalist TorkĀ told the crowd he gave everyone permissionĀ to stand up. After announcing this, the energy immediately felt more relaxed and carefree and people danced in the aisles and in their seats.

Stars definitely has a massive collection of music they had the opportunity to play and their setlist was incredibly streamlined. Mixing in older songs like ’14 Forever’ and ‘Elevator Love Letter’ with newer tracks like the upbeat ‘Ship To Shore,’ the set satisfied both recent and longtime Stars’ fans.

The connection the band members have with each other is something special and only seen between performers who have shared trust and experience with each other. Stars closed the night off the beautiful night with an impressive four-song encore and ended with ‘No One Is Lost.’

The band is currently on tour across North America and if they are stopping near you, I highly recommend going if you’re looking for live music that will get you in “the feels.” More information about dates and tickets can be found here.


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