By: Cody (dryKIMCHI)

As the beautiful New Year approaches, the countdown has begun for Decadence Arizona and each day provides more preparation with artists perfecting their set to bring, stages beginning production, and food trucks getting their recipes to make this experience a beautiful memory everyone can have for years to come.

This year’s lineup is undoubtedly one for the books but there are also hidden gems waiting for you to discover. The sets you definitely do not want to miss are going to be from three prodigies that are about to break through the scene. The two house legends Gerry Gonza and Moon Boots are going to be taking the stage on December 30th where you’ll be greeted with a smooth start to your festival. Then swing over to the taco connoisseur PAZ on December 31st throwing bouncy trap and nonstop vibes.

Every year Decadence Arizona is held at the iconic Rawhide Center in Chandler bringing in thousands of people to bring the New Years in. Being close to the Sky Harbor airport, it is fast and easy to get to your hotel and venue if you’re coming in from another state. Some of the main tips we would tell you is to bring a camelback so you can fill up at the several water stations the venue has to offer as it can get quite hot and a bandana because it is the desert and you should always be prepared for dust.

Until the gates open, keep getting prepared for this amazing journey you’re about to go on. Tickets for Decadence can be found here. We can’t wait to explore the grounds and share this memory with you all.



Posted by:Femme Riot

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