By: Angela Smith

On Wednesday, November 14th, The Wrecks brought their Panic Vertigo headline tour to the Marquis Theater in Denver. The sold-out crowd was there early and it showed, the room was packed before the opener Deal Casino came on. Deal Casino got the crowd ready for an energy filled night. While their tracks such as “Color TV” feature a much slower tempo than either of the other two groups, they kept the crowd engaged throughout the set and got them excited for what was to come.

The next band on the stage was Badflower, although it was their first night on the tour, they came out to a crowd full of fans. During their song “Ghost,” a large majority of the crowd sang the words back to them. By the time The Wrecks took the stage the crowd was buzzing. Having sold out both of their headline shows in Denver, it’s no surprise that fans were excited and ready for the high energy The Wrecks are known for.

Throughout the set, fans were jumping around, headbanging, and yelling out the lyrics of every song. Even when the band played some unreleased tracks, many fans knew the words and were just as enthusiastic as ever. During the song “Revolution,” lead singer Nick Anderson played the beginning alone on the acoustic guitar, and when the rest of the band came back on stage to finish the song, guitarist Nick Schmidt told Anderson that he had played the track in the wrong key. After a few jokes from both the band and crowd at Anderson’s expense, the band finished the song. Despite Anderson being sick, the band still played with the energy they are known for and they finished their set with the crowd favorite “Favorite Liar.” Their encore featured a cover of the Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and their unreleased track “Life.” Though the band finished on a track that isn’t out yet, the crowd still sang the song with as much enthusiasm as every other, and the band closed off the show with as much energy as they started with.

More information about The Wrecks’ tour dates can be found here and you can stay up-to-date by following them on Instagram. A photo gallery from the night is included below!

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Editors Note: At a later show, the lead singer of The Wrecks made several comments that the members of Femme Riot do not condone. The band has since apologized for their actions.

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