By: Shayla Lee

After seeing The Glorious Sons kill their performance a few months ago at Edmonton’s inaugural day festival Sonic Field Day, I was ecstatic to be able to see them again over the weekend. The Canadian rock band that is known for their high energy live performances, alternative rock songs, and eclectic band members.

Opening for The Glorious Sons was Toronto-based girl band The Beaches. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing girls come on stage wearing glitter and dresses and seeing them absolutely shred. These ladies did that. They kept the crowd’s energy up as they moved around the stage, opening with my personal favorite track ‘Back Of My Heart.’ They also performed their newly released track ‘Fascination’ which is upbeat and catchy.

The Beaches’ killer performance left the crowd’s energy high in anticipation for The Glorious Sons. Fans wearing TGS merch dotted the crowd and excited chatter could be heard. The second the lights went on and the band stepped on stage, the crowd went wild.

Opening up with ‘My Poor Heart,’ lead vocalist Brett Emmons wasted no time connecting with the audience. He immediately jumped off of the stage and ran across the barricade, singing to starstruck fans in the process. Known as a musician with an eclectic style, Brett’s Edmonton ensemble consisted of a fur vest, yellow sunglasses, and his signature look of rocking the stage barefoot.

Dozens of crowd-surfers floated around throughout the set and many people in the crowd were singing along to every song. The band slowed things down near the end of their set with ‘Ruby’ only to come back for a four-song encore which included a cover of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Crave You’ and fan favorite track ‘Everything Is Alright.’

After leaving satisfied and inspired, I took away one major thing from the night. The Glorious Sons are LOVED. If you’re looking for a rock band that gives it their all, The band is continuing their Canadian tour and have a few dates with The Struts later in November.

You can find more information on their tour here and you can stay up-to-date by following them on Instagram and Facebook. A photo gallery from the night and their music can be found below!

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Posted by:Femme Riot

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