By: Shayla Lee

The last day of a festival is always bittersweet, and Sunday at ACL was no different. Although I was sad the amazing weekend was coming to an end, Sunday’s lineup was my favorite lineup of the three days. This year I’ve fallen in love with electronic music and have been waiting to see REZZ for 6 months. Knowing I couldn’t waste this opportunity, I stood in the scorching sun to ensure I had a good spot for her set. Although I didn’t stage hop, it worked out that all of the artists I wanted to see were all playing on the stage I was camping at.


I’m a huge fan of YUNGBLUD and the positivity he shares with his fans. His song ‘Polygraph Eyes’ tackles the very serious and prevalent issue of sexual assault. To say that YUNGBLUD’s performance was high energy would be a massive understatement. HE PERFORMED WITH A BROKEN FOOT. After breaking his foot the night before at a show in Houston, the musician still managed to give a wonderful lively performance from his wheelchair, being held up by his team, and hopping up and down on one foot. Although he wasn’t able to move around on stage, his energy could not be contained. He engaged with his fans, going as far as inviting around 25 people from the crowd on stage with him. YUNGBLUD’s energy was a breath of fresh air and if other performers are curious about how to bring more energy to their live sets, they should watch YUNGBLUD’s ACL performance.

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REZZ blew my mind and completely exceeded my already high expectations I had for her set. After performing a massive show the night before at Red Rocks (nicknamed Rezz Rocks), REZZ caught an early morning flight and gave it her all during her set. In my opinion and many others, her set time should have been later so the audience could see the full effect her visuals play in her performance. Even with the early set time of 5 pm, REZZ’s performance was so good the crowd didn’t even notice the sun was still up. Her mixing skills were flawless, her visuals were next level, and witnessing the combination of the crowd, music, and visuals was insane. REZZ is truly one of the best out DJ’s and producers out there right now.

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St. Vincent

My final full set of the night was St. Vincent and Annie Clark NEVER disappoints. I ended up being right at the front which was a beautiful way to experience her set. Never one to play around, St. Vincent had a collection of guitars, of multiple colors, that she changed throughout her performance. Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Black… St. Vincent’s guitar collection was insane but throughout the changes, I still couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her soaring voice, quirky visuals, and guitar changes resulted in an immersive performance that felt otherworldly. I had chills throughout the set and I’m certain those around me did too. St. Vincent is not only a musician; she is an artist, visionary, and someone who deserves to headline festivals. I was absolutely enamored with her performance and I highly suggest seeing her if you ever had the chance.

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Although I’m sad that my beautiful weekend in Austin is over, I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. I saw the most amazing sets, met some of the nicest people, and made unforgettable memories. I know it sounds cheesy but music festivals make me feel alive and ACL was no different. It is truly an amazing festival and I look forward to next year!

Posted by:Femme Riot