By: Shayla Lee

Describing her sound as “hungover pop,” Foxgluvv is a London-based electro-pop musician who first gained our attention earlier this year with her track ‘Not Cute.’ Foxgluvv has released yet another addictive single, this time titled ‘Fries.’

Foxgluvv magically paints an 80s pastel diner aesthetic into the listener’s head as her melodic voice intertwines with the groovy rhythm. A re-telling of the end of a relationship which takes place in a fast food joint, ‘Fries’ is a situational break-up song but with a fun, modern twist.

“This song is for anyone who can relate to being dumped or dumping someone – whether it’s your pal, your gf/bf/partner, if a relationship ended and you need time to reflect, turn ‘Fries’ full volume and just know everything’s gonna be okay” Foxgluvv explains of her track.

The upbeat rhythm and poppy hooks make the track interesting to listen to and I pick up on new sounds each time I listen to it. After listening to ‘Fries’ I can say that not only am I addicted to actual fries, I’m addicted to Foxgluvv’s song. I would most definitely “get fries with that” and I cannot wait for more of Foxgluvv’s music.

If you’re a fan of Mallrat, Charlie XCX, or Chelsea Jade, I’d highly suggest listening to Foxgluvv. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to ‘Fries’ below!

The cover photo was shot by Michael Harte.
Posted by:Femme Riot

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