By: Shayla Lee

Canadian-born, LA-based musician Kirsten Collins has been enticing and exciting fans this year with monthly releases of catchy new singles like “Sugar Pop Cocaine” and “BAD.” Today, Kirsten is premiering her latest track titled “Call My Name” exclusively with Femme Riot.

The driving force behind the groovy r&b meets glittery urban pop song is Kirsten’s stunning vocals. Lyrics-wise “Call My Name” is catchy, purposeful, and promotes the themes of love and acceptance. It’s not hard to fall in love with the track after hearing lyrics like “When we talk I never feel alone // I’ll hold you til the stars don’t shine.”

Named an Innovator of 2017 by Wall Street Journal, not only is Kirsten a talented musician, she has her own YouTube channel, is a brand ambassador for Mars Candy and MTV, and has participated and performed at BeautyCon and Vidcon. A talented multipotentialite, Kirsten also aims to create a safe space on social media to promote love, confidence, and acceptance for her ever-growing fanbase.

Hit the play button on “Call My Name” below and read our chat with Kirsten about her new track, how she uses her platform to promote love, and how she maintains balance in her life as a busy musician.

Femme Riot: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before? Who would you cite as some of your musical influences?   

Kirsten Collins: I believe my music brings joy to any occasion. I try and bring something different each time I perform a song making it easy for the audience to engage. I’m definitely inspired by people such as Rihanna, JT, Billie Eilish, Amy Winehouse, Kendrick Lamar and too many more!

I’m loving “Call My Name” it’s such a jam! Can you tell us more about this track and the inspiration behind it?

First off THANK YOU! This track honestly just came out. I was in a loving, simple mood.

I watched your “Song on the Spot” YouTube video and I loved getting to peek into your creative process. When you are writing a song, what does your creative process look like? Do you write a song from start to finish or do you build a song based around a particular lyric?

My writing process varies depending on who and what I’m writing for. My favorite way of writing is going on the mic without hearing the track first and just experiencing it for the first time. I believe I get the best out of this process as it allows me to freely express my feelings without preparing anything. I typically like to write and finish a whole song in a session. I love moving quickly and get restless quite easily, so I’ve learned to be able to move efficiently.

You use your social media platforms to spread positivity, self-love, and empowerment which is incredible to see! When do you feel most confident? Do you have any tips for others who aren’t feeling confident about themselves?

I began social media to test it out, to find it inspires me every day to learn and grow. I remember one of the first days I posted I received DMs about how my picture helped someone’s relationship with their mom, or helped them decide to choose life and not to harm themselves anymore. It really brightened my perspective of what social media could be used for. It gave me access to beautiful people around the world that gave me hope, and help me see clearer.

Funny thing is, I’m not always that confident and definitely have my moments of doubt and insecurity. But I’m learning something more powerful than just being confident. I’m learning the importance of knowing who I am and who I am not, what I am or what I do. It has been hard at times because so often we’ve grown to only look through a specific perspective, but I try my best to choose every day to see beyond just me and the bigger purpose of life and community.

I’m learning something more powerful than just being confident. I’m learning the importance of knowing who I am and who I am not, what I am or what I do.

Mental health is really important to us at Femme Riot and we love hearing about how others maintain balance in their lives. Being a busy musician, what practices do you implement into your life to ensure your health and well-being are taken care of?

The past couple years have been beautifully difficult for me. I’ve almost conquered most but I’ve struggled with major anxiety, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, and a couple more things we don’t need to get into. It came to a point where I’ve had to sit down and focus on loving my body and rest. This is not very easy for me. I’m sort of a workaholic and love to be involved in ALL the action. I’m a ball of energy and I’m used to giving it out freely. I constantly have pushed myself in every way possible (which isn’t always bad)  but for the first time in a while I am really valuing when I am doing nothing. Slowing down and taking a second to embrace where I am. Praying and trusting God that He’s got it more than I ever could. It’s been a challenge to not only not try and control everything but I’ve had to majorly change my diet, as well as be more selective on who and what I surround myself with and how often.

Things that help me balance: Dancing keeps me breathing and laughter is the key to my joy. I love to sit in the car after a long day in silence, taking in my surroundings and reminiscing on all the beauty I encountered that day. It’s always helpful counting each blessing and thing I’m grateful for. Reminding myself I really don’t have it all that bad and that I’m extremely blessed. Again, just changing my perspective

Have you faced any challenges being a woman in the music industry? If so, how did you overcome the adversity and do you have any advice for other women facing challenges?  

This is a very cool question. I’ve been very lucky to have my parents a HUGE part in my life through my career. They went to every studio session and meeting until I was 21, always making sure to demand the respect I deserved or needed. Through that, I learned how to build a family in an industry of “self”. I don’t think I’ve ever personally had to struggle or face challenges of being a woman in the music industry. Maybe small moments but never anything degrading or violating. I believe in honesty and authority in love. Whenever you walk into a place you are NEVER less than and you are never more than. You are equal, both beautiful masterpieces of a creation that is learning to truly love. And the biggest thing people are scared of is trust and love. So my motto is pure communication and respect. Whatever you bring into the room your bringing into the relationship. Be brave enough to speak up.

Whenever you walk into a place you are NEVER less than and you are never more than. You are equal, both beautiful masterpieces of a creation that is learning to truly love.

What can fans expect from your upcoming music? Can you let us in on any secrets about future projects?

I’m super excited! This month I’ve been working on 4 music videos and preparing the next couple singles! I get more excited the more I get to share. I’m praying for a tour soon!

Anything we haven’t asked that you want to add?

Don’t forget to check out and keep an eye out for the “Call My Name” Music Video.

Also THANK YOU SOOOO much for having me. And to my beautiful fans, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART thank you for making me stronger and helping me grow.

Follow Kirsten’s journey of spreading love and positivity by following her Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out her track “Call My Name” and her other music below!

The cover photo was shot by Eve Ayala.
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