By: Shayla Lee

Who doesn’t love discovering new music and new artists? Today I’m featuring five female musicians who I’m obsessed with along with tracks that will get you hooked. From rising country artist Maddie Larkin to indie folk musician Emily Brown, there is a little something for everyone in this list. Not only are the musicians below great, they either have newly released albums or upcoming music with release dates just around the corner!

‘Unbreaking My Heart’ – Maddie Larkin

If you mixed together Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ era, Shania Twain’s ‘Up,’ a bunch of modern pop elements, and a beautiful voice, the result would be rising country artist Maddie Larkin. For country fans, Maddie is definitely an artist you want to keep your eyes on. In August she released ‘Unbreaking My Heart,’ the first single off of her debut EP which will be released later this year. The music video beautifully contrasts pink and red hues with dark colors and shadows to tell the story of turning back time to undo a breakup. Watch the music video for ‘Unbreaking My Heart’ above and stay up to date with Maddie by following her on Instagram and Spotify.

‘Beautiful Baby’ – Emily Brown

Bee Eater LP Cover.jpgIf you want to listen to an album that will make you cry, Oakland-based musician Emily Brown’s album ‘Bee Eater’ will leave you in a puddle of tears. My favorite track on the album is ‘Beautiful Baby,’ which weaves together soaring vocals comparable to female powerhouses Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, lyrics that will pull on your heartstrings, and a stunning piano production that will make replay this song over and over even though it will make you feel feelings you didn’t know you could. Stay up to date with Emily by following her on Facebook and Spotify.

‘Freewheeler’ – Siena Stone


When it comes to emerging artists, New Zealand and Australia are always at the top of the game. Growing up in a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand, Siena Stone spent a lot of her spare time creating music on Garageband and playing gigs in her local community. This experience would eventually lead her to New York where she spent a few weeks crafting her debut EP. Siena is now back in Sydney and just released a killer debut single called ‘Freewheeler.’ The lush atmospheric pop track only leaves me more excited to hear what else Siena has in store for us. You can follow Siena on Instagram, Spotify, and listen to her track below!

‘Puppetshow’ – Tuvaband

Cover art by Marius Mathisrud 

Earlier this year we chatted with Tuvaband and we dove deep into their lyrics, chatted about their beautiful EP ‘Mess,’ and talked about the media’s influence on women. Tuvaband is now a solo project being carried out by the incredibly talented Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. Her latest single ‘Puppetshow’ intertwines the harmonica, the piano, and Tuva’s striking voice. Tuvaband will debut her first album as a solo project this September and with a track as beautiful as ‘Puppetshow’ being the first single, I can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us! Follow Tuvaband on Instagram and Spotify and you can listen to ‘Puppetshow’ below!

‘LOST MY MIND’ – Elley Duhé


It’s rare to find an artist who can create pop music that is both catchy and meaningful but Elley Duhé manages to do it effortlessly. Although many people may recognize her name from being featured on Gryffin’s latest killer track ‘Tie Me Down,’ her EP ‘DRAGON MENTALITY’ is what people should be jumping to hear as soon as they get hooked on her voice. When I first listened to ‘LOST MY MIND,’ you can say I actually lost my mind. I instantly related to all of the lyrics and “I’m afraid of failure but damn I always try / even if I lose somedays i never lose my fight” hit me in the soul. In the track Elley pleads with the world to have compassion for her as she goes through a hard time. I’m so excited for people to hear Elley’s uplifting music and I know big things are coming for her. Follow Elley on Instagram, Spotify, and listen to ‘LOST MY MIND’ below!



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