By: Shayla Lee

If St. Vincent and Smashing Pumpkin had a baby, I’m pretty sure it would be Cream with a K’s newest track ‘Terrible Voices.’ Impossible to place into a genre, but addictive to listen to, ‘Terrible Voices’ is one of the most unique songs I’ve heard in awhile. The first twenty seconds of the song are very American Horror Story-esque, gently pulling the listener into the layers upon layers of unique velvety sounds.

Wondering about the woman behind the dreamy gothic track?

Cream with a K is a musician, visual artist, and former model who has been based in Tokyo for 8 years. Bilingual in Japanese and English, after being involved in the Tokyo entertainment scene since the age of 18, the artist launched her first fully English solo project, Cream with a K. From styling and film editing to writing, arranging, and mixing music herself, Cream with a K remains in complete creative control for the entire project.

‘Terrible Voices’ pulled me in and hasn’t let me go, so I am very eager to see Cream with a K’s future projects. You can stay up to date with her on Instagram and Facebook and listen to ‘Terrible Voices’ below!

The cover photo was shot by Alex English.
Posted by:Femme Riot

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