By: Shayla Lee

Music is an ever-changing industry but something I wholeheartedly miss is the sound of early-2000’s pop music. Who doesn’t get nostalgic when they think about dancing around their room and singing along to powerful lyrics into their hairbrush? Skela’s latest track ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ has successfully captured that throwback pop sound and it brought me back to being 9 again.

In an interview with C-Heads, Skela described the track as “a song about a self doubt thats sort of manifested itself into an anger and mania. We can be be so cruel when we’re talking to ourselves. It’s meant to capture that back and forth in our brains.”

As someone who experiences self doubt in my own work, I immediately related to the lyrics in ‘What’s Wrong With Me.’ The track takes you into the internal dialogue of someone who is going through self doubt. The lyrics “Baby, what’s wrong with me / You’re what’s wrong with me” perfectly capture how it feels to be stuck in a frustrating creative slump.

Aside from the meaningful lyrics, the track is equally as catchy and fun. ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ is reminiscent of powerful female musicians like The Veronicas which is a breath of fresh air in today’s often stagnant pop scene.

With more music planned to be released this year, now is the perfect time to put Skela on your radar. You can follow her journey on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Dance around your room and listen to ‘What’s Wrong With Me’ below!

Posted by:Femme Riot

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