By: Shayla Lee

Being from a small town that was extremely lacking in things to do, late night drives were classified as a summer activity. There is nothing better than when the air has just the right amount of warmth, there’s a breeze but it’s gentle enough to not blow your hair away with the windows down, and glistening lights dot the dark sky. Music is obviously another main component of night drives and lush ethereal music tends to be my favorite to blast during these therapeutic moments.

Los Angeles-based singer and producer In.Drip. just dropped his debut single ‘Titles’ and it’s absolutely perfect for those warm summer night drives. The track itself has an atmospheric production that had me hooked within 10 seconds. In an interview with Billboard, In.Drip. explained the track is about an imperfect love.

“It’s longing for night talks to last forever, but realizing that things are not the same in the morning…sometimes I’ll go driving in the hills or in downtown after the world has gone to sleep. ‘Titles’ is written from that point of view.”

In.Drip. will be releasing more music this summer, and with his first single being a banger, I am so eager to see what else he has in store for us. While you’re waiting for his new music and staying up-to-date on Instagram and Facebook, you can listen to In.Drip.’s collaboration with Tessa Rae in ‘Downtown,’. It’s Oh Wonder meets EXES and In.Drip. produced the track and is also featured.

Roll your windows down, stick your hand out and feel the air, and blast ‘Titles.’ You can thank me later.

The cover photo was shot by Áine Rua O’Regan.
Posted by:Femme Riot

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