By: Shayla Lee

With the second weekend of Electric Forest in full swing, most festival-goers are figuring out their schedules, sorting out any set conflicts, and trying to discover any unfamiliar must-see acts as quickly as they can. If you’re looking to connect to the earth on a deeper level, you should consider adding Pendulum People to your schedule this weekend. Determined to inspire listeners to stay true to themselves, this New York based art collective is captivating, unique, and enchanting; a perfect fit for Electric Forest. I had the chance to chat with Pendulum People about their inspirations, art, and what people can expect from their performance at Electric Forest.

Femme Riot: Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? What led to the four of you collaborating together?

Pendulum People: Hi Femme Riot – we are a Music and Performance Artist made up of four elements: Nova Zef, LVDF, Soraya Lundy and Justin Conte. Justin and Nova have been best friends since 6th grade. They were able to explore creativity at a young age. Soraya and Justin met in the New York City dance community and  they have trained/worked together in numerous projects. Justin and LVDF also met through dance and shortly after meeting they fell in love and got married.

From your wardrobe and choreography to your music and conceptualization, everything about your art is original and created by the four of you which is amazing! Who and what inspires you or influences you artistically?

We are inspired by the world, its cultures and how they interact with one another. Being a collective of multidisciplinary artists, we all have inspirations from different facets of art: music, design, movement and performance. But to be honest, it is so difficult to truly gain inspiration from these people/things/ideas because we are not actually in the space with them. We truly gain inspiration from one another, that’s one of the pillars of what Pendulum People is.

How would you describe Pendulum People to those who are unfamiliar?

“Hey, wanna go get hypnotized by extra terrestrial artists throwing down earthshaking beats and vocals, new wave dance and sporting galactic uniform? Let’s go see Pendulum People!”

How do you create your art without a label, investors, or budget and what are the negative and positive aspects surrounding this?

Since we have no funds or budget to make art, we have to create our own way of making our visions come to life from zero dollars. This practice and experience led us to where we are today, so we see it as a blessing. At this point in our path we also started reaching out to our community to fund bigger projects and involve more artists to create an even larger community. But at the same time, we are big dreamers and to make these dreams and ideas come to life, we need support.

What message do you hope to share with your audience through your art? What would be the ultimate dream?

We want people to wake up and see the truth because our planet is in need. Pendulum People swing in unison, they are able to understand one another and support each other’s growth. We want to guide people to listen to their intuition and stay true to themselves. We wanna share this experience with the world.

This weekend you will be performing at Electric Forest which is very exciting! What can fans expect from your set?

At Electric Forest we are bringing our full one hour live experience. With our recent EP drop be ready for hot music, new fashion and of course your regular dose of Pendulum People freshness.

Anything else you would like to add?

We would like to thank all of our supporters and fans for fueling us to create more innovative art. Feel free to follow our journey on all social media platforms and our tunes on all major music platforms.

I want to thank Pendulum People for doing this interview! Be sure to download the Electric Forest app here to plan your schedule and stay up-to-date with any news. You also have two opportunities to catch Pendulum People at Electric Forest. They will be playing on Friday, June 29th at 6pm (Carousel Club), and Saturday night, June 30th at 12am (Carousel Club). You don’t want to miss them! Follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook and listen to their EP ‘Paradise’ below!

Cover photo by Cadencia Photography
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