By: Shayla Lee

I had the amazing opportunity to cover Sasquatch a few weeks ago and it was absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t able to go for the entire weekend and I’m bummed that I missed Bon Iver but the artists I saw on Saturday and Sunday made up for it. The 5 hour drive from Vancouver to Gorge Amphitheatre was also one of the nicest drives I have ever done.

Highlights from my two days included the vegan food truck in the camping area with bomb jackfruit tacos, the natural beauty of the venue, the stunning sunsets, and obviously all of the amazing music. I stumbled on Rostam’s set and was blown away and Perfume Genius was one of the most unique sets that I have ever seen. I cried when Modest Mouse played ‘Float On’ and The National was probably my favorite festival headliner I have ever seen.

My low points from the two days involve my general unpreparedness about the weather. When it grew dark on my first night I ended up doing laps around the grounds trying to stay warm because all I was wearing was shorts and a flannel. Night two was better but I was forced to rock my sweat pants and sweater to The National because I did not pack any other warm clothes. Common sense tip: do not solely look at the daytime temperatures when packing or you will regret all of your decisions like I did.

I brought along my camera and tried my best to capture the energy of the festival. I’ve included some of my 35mm photos below.

photo (34)

sasq_9sasq_10sasq_11sasq_12sasq_13sasq_19sasq_21photo (37).jpegphoto (39).jpegphoto (38).jpegsasq_25photo (40).jpeg

photo (49).jpeg
Shakey Graves
photo (43)
Alex Lahey
photo (42)
Perfume Genius
photo (44).jpeg
Ray LaMontagne
photo (46).jpeg
The National
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