By: Shayla Lee

I’m going to be honest. I can’t stand when people talk about the gym, but yet here I am talking about the gym. I don’t particularly like working out but I have been able to make it a part of my daily routine and I no longer dread going to the gym.

I’m going to be straight up with you. I only elliptical for 30 minutes. That is all I do. I know it’s not a lot but I still feel proud of myself for going every day and it makes me feel good. I can be notoriously lazy at exercising so I want to share some tips that might help you if you’re feeling a bit unmotivated.

Make it a Routine 

I hate myself for saying this because it’s cliché af if you make the gym a part of your daily routine you won’t dread going. I’m lucky enough to have a gym directly across from my work so I go right after I’m done at 5 and I usually leave the gym by 5:50. Another plus about going right after work is that I miss rush hour traffic. If I drive home at 5 I usually spend an hour in traffic but if I drive home at 6 it usually only takes 25 minutes. I might as well be doing something beneficial for myself instead of sitting in traffic.

It’s a Brain Break

I generally only get 1.5 hours of time to myself each day which includes commute times, the gym, and making dinner. Since I also work at night the gym gives my brain a transition period to relax. It’s a time where I can shut-off, watch the news on the tv, and don’t have to think of anything. I look forward to being in this headspace every day and it gives me more motivation to go home and work. Remind yourself that taking care of yourself is not only good for you physically, it’s great for your mental health as well.

Listen to Yourself

If you have a day where you’re just not feeling the gym, it’s okay to take a day off! Skipping the gym for one day isn’t going to have an adverse effect on your body. I find that if I skip a day and go home and eat fries in bed, it leads to lower productivity levels and I struggle to do my night work. When I see how unproductive I am if I skip the gym it reinforces the fact that the cardio gives me extra energy and allows my brain to rest. Then I am able to power through my freelance work when I get home.

Save Your Music

Although this can be torturous, I promise it is helpful! I only listen to the music on my gym playlist when I’m at the gym. If you get a song stuck in your head during the day that is specifically on your playlist, DON’T LISTEN TO IT. Waiting until you are at the gym will give you so much more motivation. It sucks not giving in but it’s so satisfying being able to hear it while you’re working out. My music is a huge factor that makes the gym bearable. I change my workout playlist every couple weeks. I love listening to empowering music and my current playlist features songs by Madison, Beyoncé, AMWIN, yaeji, and a bunch of other amazing female musicians! Check it out below.

The beautiful cover art is by Ana Gomes
Posted by:Femme Riot

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