By: Shayla Lee

Sorry for the urgent “NOW” in the title but I’m just so excited to share these songs with you. Here is what I’ve been listening to. Enjoy!
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‘Lonely Girl’ – Eli Smart

Now that it’s officially spring I feel a little better blasting this song all the time because the vibe is beginning to fit the weather. Although Eli Smart is currently based in Liverpool, you will definitely be able to hear the influence from his home of Hawaii in his breezy new track ‘Lonely Girl.’ It will make you wish for barefoot summer days at the beach and driving with the windows down… I’m nostalgic for summer just thinking about it.

The song in 3 words: Tropical summer vibes

visions so below

‘Visions’ – So Below 

Remember when we interviewed So Below a few months ago and she told us her EP was coming soon? I’m happy to announce that it’s here and it’s incredible. ‘Visions’ is the fourth and final track of her EP titled ‘II’ and it follows suit with her gothic-pop vibe. It’s moody and layered like her other songs but I have to say this one is my favorite on the EP. I honestly can’t get enough of it and I think I’m going to murder the replay button on my Spotify.

The song in 3 words: Gothic dance party

image1 (10)

‘Out of Drugs’ – Kelsy Karter 

KELSY KARTER’S VOICE IS INSANE. I’m sorry to anyone who is around me when I listen to this song because I definitely try to match Kelsy’s voice and I fail hard because she’s an angel and I’m tone-deaf. With every word Kelsy sings I can feel the passion. Who needs love or drugs when you have a song this good?

The song in 3 words: Retro soulful jazz

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‘Not Cute’ – Foxgluvv 

The London-based synthpop artist Foxgluvv describes her music as “hungover-pop” and although I haven’t had a hangover in ages (ginger pills ftw) I am still obsessed with her music. ‘Not Cute’ follows ‘Crush’ which has an impressive 200k streams on Spotify and her mellow 80s track ‘Nothing.’ My favorite lyric of the song is “You’re not cool enough for me, and I’m not cute enough for you” because relatable, right?

The song in 3 words: Glittery disco party

image1 (14)

‘Good Distraction’ – describes herself as a “honey dipped and sugar coated songstress” which I also think is the perfect description of her music. The standout element on ‘Good Distraction’ is definitely the African-drum rhythms but I also love how airy and summery this song feels. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

The song in 3 words: Sunset beach campfire

As always, here is a Spotify playlist containing all of the songs plus a few extras. Enjoy the music and enjoy the sun ☀️


Photo Credits:

Cover photo via Tumblr

Eli Smart photo by Sami Elisabeth Livé

So Below photo by Aaron Short 

Kelsy Karter photo by Michael Morgan 

Foxgluvv photo by Ben Rotherham photo by Tantzi Kuyers 

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