By: Shayla Lee

On Thursday night I was transported into a land of bliss thanks to Zander Hawley, Luna Shadows, and The Naked And Famous. Here are some thoughts and some photos I managed to take in between songs because it was so quiet and my shutter sounded like it was loud enough to cause the Rio to collapse.

1.) VIBES – The concert was held at the Rio which also happens to be a movie theatre. Many people had popcorn, everyone sat the entire set (bliss!), and it was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. I love venues like this one.

2.) IT WAS COLD – A word of advice from the unwise. Don’t wear a crop top and only one jacket to the Rio… just don’t do it, promise? You will be very cold and you will regret everything. You will also take the wrong bus and have to wait outside at midnight in said crop top for 30 minutes while you wait for the right bus.

3.) ZANDER HAWLEY – Zander was the perfect opener for this tour. He sang his newest single ‘When You See My Heart‘ which is absolute magic. If you’re a fan of Ryan Adams or Damien Rice you will enjoy Zander’s music. I can’t wait to see what he has in store!

4.) LUNA SHADOWS – We interviewed Luna (aka aesthetic queen) a few months back and let me just say this girl is incredible live. She sang with Zander and played the piano with TNAF and is the most talented angelic witch I’ve ever seen. The crowd loved her as well, one guy even screamed: “WE LOVE YOU LINDA.” Buddy, it’s not Linda, it’s Luna and she’s going places.

5.) TNAF – Ahh. The Naked And Famous. I was still fangirling over my interview with Alisa that I shared in the morning and I felt so lucky that I was seeing them live the same day. Alisa had hinted that this show was going to be “an evening of TNAF lullabies to cry to” and she was definitely telling the truth. Words will never be able to express how special it was when they played ‘I Kill Giants – Stripped.’ Tears were shed and it felt like my heart was falling out. I loved how intimate and special they made this show feel and I wish I could relive it again. It honestly felt as if there were only 20 people in the room instead of hundreds and you could tell they truly love what they’re doing.

If you managed to get tickets to this sold-out tour, prepare yourself because you are in for a magical night. ✨

I’m done fangirling for now. 35mm photos below…

tnaf 13


tnaf 1

zander hawley

Zander feat Luna

tnaf 2

tnaf 3

tnaf 4

tnaf 5

tnaf 7


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