By: Shayna Andrus

Coming back at you from my little winter hiatus with the ultimate spring mix (oh yes, like the salad, indeed!) mini-playlist to remind you that life starts fresh in the spring. I’ll be honest, I agree, the Vance Joy addition seems a little out-of-place with the rest of the sound however this song is the song that kickstarted my new-found┬ámotivation. The lyric “Wherever you go, you’ll be in the right place” with the perfect melody to coincide, struck me.

Let these masterpieces inspire your spring rejuvenation, as they have mine:


Wake Up – Chelsea Cutler

“Hold fast ’cause the daylight’s comin'”

One of These Days – Vance Joy

“Wherever you go, you’ll be in the right place”

Some Day Soon – Alexi Murdoch

“A mind filled with memories, weigh me down like gold”

When to Love You – Andrew Luce (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

“Don’t tell me there’s a right life, these are my hours to waste”

Changed My Mind – Tove Styrke

“I said I wouldn’t let myself rewind but I, I just need to try another time”

Sleeping on My Own – Geoffroy

“Easy as it goes, smoking on my downtime, sleeping on my own”

Coastline – Liu, Hollow Coves & WOAK

“There’s a place I’ve dreamed of where I can free my mind, I hear the sounds of the season and lose all sense of time”

Crystalline – Jome

“Love stay patient, baby everything takes time”

Fine – Noah Kahan

“I found a home inside my head”

Lovesick – Caroline Pennel (feat. Felix Snow)

“It’s a lovesick feeling when you just want it all”

Bloomfield – Super Whatevr

“I can’t define the way that you move”

Fade – Kidswaste (feat. Hunting Stories)

“Love is here and here love will be, it’s plain to see”

Halcyon Birds – Broken Back

“I wonder if we will see each other flying as two halcyon birds”


Posted by:Femme Riot

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