By: Shayna Andrus

Coming back at you from my little winter hiatus with the ultimate spring mix (oh yes, like the salad, indeed!) mini-playlist to remind you that life starts fresh in the spring. I’ll be honest, I agree, the Vance Joy addition seems a little out-of-place with the rest of the sound however this song is the song that kickstarted my new-found motivation. The lyric “Wherever you go, you’ll be in the right place” with the perfect melody to coincide, struck me.

Let these masterpieces inspire your spring rejuvenation, as they have mine:


Wake Up – Chelsea Cutler

“Hold fast ’cause the daylight’s comin'”

One of These Days – Vance Joy

“Wherever you go, you’ll be in the right place”

Some Day Soon – Alexi Murdoch

“A mind filled with memories, weigh me down like gold”

When to Love You – Andrew Luce (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

“Don’t tell me there’s a right life, these are my hours to waste”

Changed My Mind – Tove Styrke

“I said I wouldn’t let myself rewind but I, I just need to try another time”

Sleeping on My Own – Geoffroy

“Easy as it goes, smoking on my downtime, sleeping on my own”

Coastline – Liu, Hollow Coves & WOAK

“There’s a place I’ve dreamed of where I can free my mind, I hear the sounds of the season and lose all sense of time”

Crystalline – Jome

“Love stay patient, baby everything takes time”

Fine – Noah Kahan

“I found a home inside my head”

Lovesick – Caroline Pennel (feat. Felix Snow)

“It’s a lovesick feeling when you just want it all”

Bloomfield – Super Whatevr

“I can’t define the way that you move”

Fade – Kidswaste (feat. Hunting Stories)

“Love is here and here love will be, it’s plain to see”

Halcyon Birds – Broken Back

“I wonder if we will see each other flying as two halcyon birds”


Posted by:Femme Riot

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