By: Shayla Lee

Fronted by Dave Gagliardi of Trash Talk and male model Miles Garber, Swimsuit Issue is an Los Angeles based band that will give you some serious old school rock vibes. The band’s first released single ‘Look Now’ is equal parts Tom Petty and California cool and it feels like the puzzle piece that has been missing from our current music scene. It’s edgy. It’s different. It feels nostalgic but is a breath of fresh air at the same time.

With the mellow vibe that this song emits it may come as a surprise that it touches on an important issue that many individuals face; addiction. The band also released a music video with a vintage aesthetic to go along with the track. If you are a fan of Tom Petty or Mating Ritual, give Swimsuit Issue a try. You can follow the band on Instagram and Spotify. JUST. LOOK. NOW.


The cover photo for this article was shot by Erik Snyder.




Posted by:Femme Riot

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