By: Shayna Andrus

Living in Canada, road conditions are a recurring issue. Currently, weather has rendered me stranded in another city. I’m expected to be at work by 7:30am. After attempting the treacherous highways early this morning and deciding I value life over one shift of work, I decided to retreat back to the city to wait out the weather.

4:30am is approximately the time I accepted defeat and turned around. At this point, everyone I know is sleeping. I am locked out of the apartment I just came from, can’t get ahold of anyone and am left to blast the heat in my car, play some killer music and ponder my life choices.

Song choice of the day: Arc by Yoste

Left with nothing but my thoughts and my purse I haven’t sorted through in weeks, I did as any girl would do. I aimlessly sifted though my abundance of random shit carry around, you know, in case of emergency.

  1. A peanut butter cookie my mom brought me two days prior. Breakfast, YES!
  2. Hand lotion I thought I had lost forever. Reunion.
  3. Rewards cards. Think of all tea I could have from Davids Tea by now had I remembered they have a rewards program!
  4. My personal favourite, clean socks! Um, yes. My feet are blessed.
  5. Perfume. I hardly remember the last time I wore a perfume that isn’t essential oil based but quite honestly I just didn’t know where all of my actual perfume disappeared to.
  6. A granola bar. Score. Breakfast 2.0
  7. 3 empty packages of gum. Ya, I have an addiction.
  8. Two crumpled up assignment sheets. Mmm, yes. Had I not ended up in this situation, I would’ve never remembered I had a writing assignment due Wednesday.
  9. Receipts. Probably could’ve done without these tramatic reminders of my questionable choices which have led to the current state of my bank account.
  10. Headphones I thought would never resurface.

Ah perfect. It’s 5:30am, cafes are open. Time to put those heaphones to use and enjoy a latte and blog session.

Basically the moral of my story is girls are badass and prepared for any situation. I am now well fed and entertained. Booya.


Posted by:Femme Riot

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