By: Shayla Lee

If you’re a fan of Smashing Pumpkins, Catfish and the Bottlemen or Anberlin, keep reading because I’m about to hit you with an amazing band you will love. Formed in Coventry, Mara Falls is a trio composed of guitarist and producer Peter Black, bassist Lola Rose, and drummer Peter Szots. Mara Falls has mastered the blend of catchy lyrics with beautiful instrumentations and one listen to their hooks and you will be hooked on them – no pun intended.

Mara Falls recently released their newest single ‘Thanks to You’ on February 2nd. Self-produced by the band, the track bleeds an infectious, festival-worthy chorus that I wish I was screaming at a summer music festival.

If you want to dream about being at a festival, listen to their newest track ‘Thanks to You’!

If you love ‘Figure It Out’ by Royal Blood, check out ‘Getaway’.

If you love ‘Tonight, Tonight’ by The Smashing Pumpkins, give ‘One for the Road’ a listen!

The band will be releasing their music video for ‘Thanks to You’ on February 16th so keep your eyes out! You can follow the band on their journey on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. The cover photo for this article was provided by Mara Falls and shot by Dave Speedy.

As always, happy listening! ✌️



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