By: Shayla Lee

Whenever I get myself into shitty situations (which is A LOT lately), I always tell myself that at least it will be good content. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I have yet another story for you.

Last night my friend and I went to the Wallow’s concert in Vancouver. It was great, we danced, and after the show finished we planned on going home and having a chill night. As people start leaving, a guy beside us strikes up a conversation. Yes, I know what you are thinking: wow Shayla, you met another guy at a concert, this is going to be Anal Boy 2.0. Okay true, but you guys, I literally thought this dude could be my soulmate. He loved music and he has been vegan for four years. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Let’s call this guy Kyle for the sake of the story.

Kyle continued the conversation and asked us if we know who Angus & Julia Stone are. Of course I know them, I got scammed $45 dollars from someone trying to get tickets to that concert. We bond over music. He had a friend with him and I bond with her about Lana Del Rey. They ask what our plans are. We tell them we were just going to go home. They invite us downtown. My friend and I make the mutual decision to go with them. They seem like cool people.

*Flash forward to 30 minutes later*

Him and I are arguing about politics in the backseat of his car.

I have no idea why he decided to bring politics up. As soon as he did my friend left the vehicle because she doesn’t like to get into politics and she knows what I’m like when it gets brought up. His friend left the car for the same reason.

I am very passionate about what I believe in and he was too. I think that is great. He told me that he wanted to educate me. I told him I am educated and I can make my own decisions. I’m confident with what I believe in but I said I was more than open to hearing what he had to say.

And boy did he have a lot to say.

He asked me if I was right or left. I told him I was left. He asked me why. I told him why. I asked him why he was right. He talked around in circles without answering the question. He told me that everyone who is left is just doing it because it’s cool and it has ‘cult mentality’. I told him that I’ve educated myself and am confident and empowered with my political opinions.

He told me that feminism is a contrived idea and that girls are treated equal to men. He said how embarrassed guys are to talk to girls because girls accuse boys of sexually harassing them.

He dead ass said he wishes it could be like the early 1900’s when men were hunters and gatherers and women were homemakers. He said women are gentle. I told him women don’t need to be gentle. Women can be however they want to be. Women are fierce as fuck and can be providers in the same way that men can be.

He said that guys get assaulted too and he told me that his ex-girlfriend punched him in the face. I told him they absolutely get assaulted and many don’t come forward because of the impact of societal gender roles. I explained to him that boys are conditioned to grow up not to cry and to be strong. I told him I was sorry that happened to him and that his ex-girlfriend should receive the same treatment that a male who did that would.

He argued with me about feminism again saying it was pro-female and not pro-equality. I told him feminism is pro-people. It’s equality.

He told me that the gender pay gap doesn’t exist. I told him it does. He asked what industry. I told him EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. INDUSTRY.

He accused me of being uneducated and offered to educate me. I told him I have done my research. I am proud of what I believe in. He told me I have a small town mentality and I believe in what everyone else believes. I told him that’s not the case and most people I grew up with have different political views than me.

Things escalated. It had been nearly TWO HOURS at this point.

His friend lost her phone and asked to borrow mine to use as a flashlight. Then it dawned on me. This situation would be such a good story.

Me: “Do you have a pen”

Him: “Yeah I do, why?”

Me: “I have an idea, I need to write it down”

Him: “I respect that”

Me to myself: *wow, the first thing he respects about me thus far*

I scribble “Shitty situations = content ideas” on my forearm in the least discrete way possible.

“Shitty situations = content ideas” (I’m sure you can’t read my writing, I’ve never met anyone who can)

I should have known he was an asshole when he told me how much he loved talking about new music but wouldn’t let me play my music for him. Boy, I have great music to show you. Let me share it. Instead, he only showed me his music.

My friend and I kept making eye contact like “let’s get out of here” but we missed two buses so I was still stuck hearing his bullshit. He finished the night by adding us on Facebook and telling me what a great talk we had. He told me he wanted to hangout again and that he wanted to show me Youtube videos to educate me. We saw the bus approaching and made a mad dash for it. We made it home safely, albeit I was still very flabbergasted about the entire situation.

Obviously I declined his Facebook request.

So there you have it. Another boy. Another bye. Maybe I’ll have better luck meeting someone normal at the next concert I go to. But if I don’t, at least it will be good blog content. ✌️

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