By: Shayna Andrus

Lately, my life has become incredibly routine. Between my job at the college cafe and going to classes, I spend no less than twelve hours a day on campus. Any remaining time is spent commuting, studying or sleeping. To be real with you, thinking up stories to share with you guys has become increasingly difficult. Who wants to hear about accounting homework? Not you. It struck me however, that the majority of you are in a similar place in your life.  So maybe you won’t mind a post about the mind-numbing life of a barista/college student? Often, the most riveting part of my day is achieving a perfect latte art heart and then having my own heart ripped out when the customer takes a stir stick to it. With that said, here is a list of the most entertaining struggles and triumphs of barista life. Fellow baristas, sing it with me. The rest of you, please be kind to your barista. A baristas soul dies a little with each caffeine deprived customer that they encounter so a friendly smile can make their efforts worth it.


  1. “I’ll have three white mocha frappes with almond milk, extra whip.”
  2. “Are you closed?” they ask through the locked gate while gazing at the money you’re clearly cashing out
  3. The struggle of – do I brew more coffee or risk running out before closing?
  4. That look people give you when you both know you should know their order by now *shrivels up into apologetic ball of shame*
  5. That look people give you when you DO remember their order
  6. Making a drink for a regular you spot in line before they get to the counter
  7. Yes, there is sugar in your chai latte (I am 100% guilty of trying to customize my chai lattes to try to avoid all the sweeteners. I get it. Just don’t be rude about it)
  8. Seeing a regular out in the real world and being shocked to learn they exist outside of their medium extra-shot soy latte run
  9. When a regular sees you out in the real world and says the typical “Ah they gave you a break for once” line
  10. When someone thanks you for latte art – YOU’RE SO WELCOME, my artistic abilities have finally received the recognition they deserve
  11. oh hey we’re flooding again, cool
  12. STAND ON YOUR POST CO-WORKERS, stand on your post. The flow, must maintain the flow
  13. Having no idea what any of the miscellaneous retail items in the store cost or how to put them through
  14. When you achieve that perfect micro-foam
  15. Main motivation, free coffee.


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