Time for a mid-weekend playlist refresh!

Here are my top 10 songs discovered during my weekly trip into the deep dark depths of Apple Music:

  1. Pray – duendita
    “Never forget your place, try to look up cause the answers are in your face”


  2. Life – Jon Vinyl

    “I took a trip of my soul, realized I needed more”
  3. Champagne Floats – The Royal Streets

    “Take your future and you throw it down a rabbit-hole”
  4. Jacket Weather – James Doll

    “Got a draw-box for your doubts”
  5. Somewhere to Belong – Rationale

    “Lately I’ve been leaning on those tired songs you used to play to me”
  6. The Courtyard – LOLO
    “Can’t you drink less and find your soulmate, like it’s so easy”


  7. Low Brow – Chelsea Jade
    “Just hold me closer than you know how to”


  8. Cinnamon – Jome
    “It’s a slow cinnamon summer, your spell’s pulling me under”


  9. Almost Died – RYAN Playground
    “I can’t lie, wouldn’t have done anything different. You’re the best thing I tried. Even if we almost died”


  10. Go My Way – Courtney
    “I don’t think you’ll ever get even but you try your best to follow what I do”


    Hope you enjoy this mix as much as I do. I’ve really been into meaningful lyrics with a happy beat lately. It’s the best of both worlds. You can wallow in self-pity while you bop AND your friends don’t think you’re a sap when you plug in the aux. Boom. Here’s a playlist for all of you Spotify listeners out there:



Posted by:Femme Riot

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