By: Shayla Lee

The first album I really remember listening to as a child is ‘Hot Fuss’ by The Killers. My Dad would play his personal favourite ‘Somebody Told Me’ and my brother and I would rock out in the back of his truck. To this date, ‘Hot Fuss’ has remained one of my favourite albums so naturally, when I saw they had an upcoming show in Vancouver, I was stoked.

I just had one problem.

My tuition for my courses next semester was due on the day after the concert and my entire paycheque would be going towards it. I had to do some major budgeting to be able to swing going to this concert. Don’t think I’m fooling you when I say major. I cut out coffee for this concert. Yes, you read that right. I cut out freakin’ coffee for Brandon Flowers and let me tell you, it was worth every single second of the caffeine withdrawals.

I had to switch my hours at work to make this concert and it took me 3 buses and two and a half hours to get there. It was also one of the coldest winter nights we have had thus far in Vancouver and I stood outside for over an hour before the doors were open. As soon as the doors are opened I turn into Katniss standing on the pedestal as the Hunger Games commences. The only thing I am focused on is getting the best spot I can as quickly as I can. I ran to the other side of the building and down to the lower level and managed to get a good spot considering how many other people were in front of me.

I spent the next two hours drowning in happiness and nostalgia as I got to sing some of my favourite songs. It felt like I was eight again and singing along the wrong words driving with my Dad. The show was amazing. Confetti was shot out during song two. Never in my life have I been to a concert where it has been out song two. They did not hold back.

I should also mention that Brandon Flowers is an utter legend. Someone in the audience was holding up a sign that said “Can I play the keyboard with you?”. They brought him up on stage, he played the keyboard, and he absolutely crushed it. I cried. I actually cried three times that night; twice at the concert and once on the bus because the bus driver got mad at me for getting in the wrong door. Trust me when I say I was exhausted.

There is nothing quite like hearing your favourite song live and the amount of magic I experienced while being able to sing ‘Mr. Brightside’ is indescribable. For four minutes, it felt as if all of the bad in the world ceased to exist and the 10,000 people that were surrounding me were having the best time of their lives. I live for that moment. It makes everything worth it.

If you ever have the chance to see The Killers, do it. The amount of joy you will feel as you watch everyone singing along to their songs is worth every single sacrifice.

Hell, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would take The Killers over coffee with no hesitation at all.The Killers 35mmThe Killers 35mmBackup singers at the KillersThe Killers The KillersBrandon FlowersThe KillersThe Killers 35mmWaiting for the encore 35mmThe Killers Confetti

The Killers confetti 35mmThe Killers Confetti
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